Tough Mongols

A Hordesman went to the Doctor for a check up. The doctor came with the results and said, "You are in excellent shape for 55 year old man."

"Did I say I was 55?" said the Hordesman. "You mean you're not 55?" said the doctor. "No. I am 75," said the Hordesman.

"Good heavens. You are in remarkable shape. You must have incredible genes. Let me ask you this. How old was your father when he died?"

"Did I say my father was dead?" said the Hordesman.

"You don't mean he is alive?" said the doctor.

"He sure is. He is 98 and still dancing." said the Hordesman.

"Well let me ask you this," said the doctor. "How old was your grandfather when he died?"

"Did I say my grandfather was dead?"

"You don't mean he's alive, too?"

"Why he sure is. In fact, he is 127 and getting married tomorrow."

"Getting married! Why in the world would a 127 year old man want to get married?"

"Did I say he wanted to get married?"