Mongols at the Gates

One day the Seneschal was at his usual post at the EastRealm Gates when 40 Mongols appeared, ready to attend Court. Having never seen a Mongol at the gates before, (he hadn't been paying attention) the Seneschal was not sure what to do. So, he told the Horde to wait a minute while he went to talk to the King. After being told the situation, the King thought for a minute and said, "Seneschal, go back and pick out the ten most honorable Mongols and let them in."

The Seneschal turned and started to go back when he noticed something. "Sire, they're gone, they're gone!" said the Seneschal.

"All 40 Mongols are gone?" the King asked.

"No," said the Seneschal, "The Gates! They're gone!"