We are the Dark Horde

We Are The Dark Horde. We Are A People.
As a people, we work together. We must put the good of our people ahead of that of any one individual. We come from different cultures and traditions, but we are now the Dark Horde.

We Are The Dark Horde. We Are Warriors.
We fight. We kill. We think as warriors. We act as warriors. We are warriors. We do not all fight in the field. There are scouts and archers; some are warriors by supporting those who do fight. Those who set up, keep and guard the camp are as much a part of the army as those who fight. We all must carry our load. The slacker in camp is the same as the coward in a fight. They have no place in the Horde.

We Are The Dark Horde. We Are Mercenaries.
We fight for honor. We fight for pay. We give our employer more than he pays for. Today we fight for others: tomorrow for ourselves.

We Are The Dark Horde. We Are Honorable.
We do not go back on our word. We do not intentionally violate safety regulations. We do not cheat. However, our ideas of honor are sometimes much different than the Kingdom's ideas. They often consider our unconventional attitudes, behavior and tactics as dishonorable. We do not live for their ideals, but for our own.

We Are The GREAT Dark Horde.

From the Dark Horde Field Manual